“Conducting a comprehensive assessment  and partnering together to craft a
mutually understood and agreed upon plan are essential to good treatment.”

Lisa T. Perry

You may contact me ahead of time, if you would like to review your specific situation with me prior to meeting. I am aware that challenges can manifest on a variety of levels, whether emotional, cognitive, physical, behavioral or within relationship.

My approach is Integrative in nature. I prefer to blend cognitive with experiential strategies for maximum benefit. Depending upon your interests and needs, we can work in a variety of ways. The work will also be paced to take into account how you best process information.

When  you first come in, you may not know exactly where to begin. That is okay. I can provide the necessary structure for us to get started. It is important that you feel comfortable with the counselor you choose and the manner in which we work.


Conducting a comprehensive assessment and partnering together to craft a mutually understood and agreed upon plan are essential to good treatment.  This process can take anywhere from one to a few sessions, depending upon your conversational preference and the complexity of your concerns. Some people like to take an in-depth “tour of the landscape”, as we sort through the primary issues and needs; others prefer a more direct and concise approach.

I am extremely supportive and creative in my approach, and above all, am open to whatever style is most beneficial to you.

With your permission, I am most willing to coordinate care with other healthcare professionals you may already be working with (e.g. Psychiatrist, Doctor, other healthcare professional), and also others you feel would be of help.

 I want you to know you can tell me anything that’s on your mind, however, I will not pressure you to share more than you are comfortable sharing. Your health information is also protected by law. If you’d like, you may view my Notice of Privacy Practices ahead of time, for more information about your legal rights in relation to your health information.

I work primarily with adults (of all ages) and adolescents. I work with individuals, couples and families. Whenever desired or possible, I am happy to assist with billing through health insurance networks. Please feel free to check with me to see if I am in-network with your particular plan. Alternatively, I also accept private pay. I am currently providing psychotherapy in Asheville.

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